• Alyssa Rogan

Simple Things Make Me Happy

Journal Entry from January 9, 2019 (edited):

Simple things make me happy. Like the little drive from my apartment to work. Like the pink glow of my bedroom. Like the soothing teal tones of my living room. Like watching The Carrie Diaries and becoming emotionally invested. Like the flicker of my candles. Like check-marking new songs from my Discover Weekly because they speak the language of my soul. Like driving to the grocery store on Saturday morning just to get butter for my pancakes. Like dancing around my apartment when I'm getting ready to hit the gym or go to bed. Like talking to my kids for twenty minutes and feeling like I really know them. Like talking to God about anything. Like singing to God during my half-hour drive to church on Sundays. Like having any excuse at all to drive anywhere and listen to music. Like the thought that, even though I don't want to live in Western New York anymore, simple things make me happy.

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