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Intermediate/Hard YouTube Workouts for Every Part of the Body

When you don't have access to a gym, you have to get creative. Sure, some people prefer jogging, biking, or swimming, but if you want a quick workout you can do in your living room or basement, YouTube workouts are the way to go. Here are a few of my favorites.

Arms, Back, Shoulders

I'll be honest. I freestyle my arm workouts, now that I've acquired enough moves to last me a while. Regardless, this one's a video I experimented with last summer. It's varied, it's fast-paced, it's brief, and it's sufficiently difficult without being over-the-top.


Glute workouts are my favorite because a little bit goes a long way. And you can blast Booty by JLo as you work it. Gabby Whited (the first YouTuber below) is hilariously motivating and has a Mean Girls vibe about her, but she'll help you get the job done. Most of her workouts are extremely short (six minutes or less) yet extremely effective.


I also freestyle my ab routine too, but this video by Chloe Ting embodies most of my go-to moves. If I had to pick a favorite Youtube workout buddy, it would be her.

Inner Thighs

I stumbled upon this PopSugar work out a year or two ago, and it kicked my butt every time. In addition to the inner thigh emphasis, you'll find plenty of cardio moves in this workout as well.


Here comes the lone, male YouTuber from this list. Don't let the brevity fool you. Your calves will beg you to give out a couple minutes into this video.

Legs (All)

Here are a few videos that tackle most muscles in the legs. I know the first video is supposedly for the "thigh gap," but in my experience, it targets the quadriceps (particularly the outer quads) much more fervently. You'll kindle a fire in your legs like never before.

Chloe Ting's video is a mix of legs, cardio, and glutes--one of my favorite workouts on this list.


I usually get bored with cardio videos that are more than ten minutes, so here are a few I've found affective (with only one of them being twenty minutes). Most of these are jumpy and intense, so if you're just getting into the rhythm of working out, you might need to build up to these.

Non-Jumping Cardio

Cardio sans jumping should be manageable, right? Think again. Chloe will have you heaving, sweating, and burning all over. This one also falls under the legs category.


Saturday is my YouTube yoga day. You can't go wrong with Sara Beth, who has yoga videos of varied lengths for every body part, day, and intensity. Feeling bloated? Sara's got it covered. Lower back killing you? Give Sara half an hour and she'll straighten you out. I had a hard time whittling down to two or three, so here's six.

Dance/Zumba (Beginner Friendly)

Two summers ago, Zumba accounted for most of my cardio workouts (which is why the songs below are a few years old). SHiNE DANCE FITNESS have a huge catalogue of newer songs to choose from.

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