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Eight of the Most Underrated Animated Characters from the '90s/'00s

Among your favorite animated characters, do you ever wonder why some of them seem more prominent in pop culture than others--especially the characters who are equally as funny, charismatic, and lovable as the popular ones? Here are eight, two-demential heroes that are far more endearing than we give them credit for.

George from Arthur

George is definitely part of Arthur's B cast--and the character Arthur's secondary friend group. He usually fades into the background most episodes, but even the episodes that showcase George are full of underdog moments. When he's not getting his antlers stuck in his locker, he's talking to his puppet Wallie. Though he doesn't get nearly as much airtime as the rest of the cast, George is an all-around nice guy who deserves more attention.

Tino from The Weekenders

Did anyone watch this show? I don't think I've ever heard anyone talk about it. In this case, the whole show is underrated. It's about four, seventh grade kids who hang out together every weekend. Tino, whom most would consider the center character of the show, has a dry, understated sense of humor that you'd hardly find on other shows, since most cartoons rely on slapstick. The creators of The Weekenders not only trust their audience to appreciate Tino's personality, but they trust the audience to relate to him, as well. Trust me, we do.


Here's another animated character who belongs to an underrated movie. Among everyone who has named his or her favorite Disney princess, I'm not sure anyone's said Pocahontas. Not only that, but I've never heard anyone belting the lyrics to Colors of the Wind or Just Around the Riverbend. The Lion King, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, and Frozen get the most attention (and reasonably so, but who doesn't swoon over John Smith's sparkly blue eyes and flowy mane of blonde hair?). Pocahontas may be reserved and a little stoic, but her longing for adventure and true romance are the qualities that drive her story.

Also, she's really cool. No other Disney Princess has her grace or poise.

Jim Hawkins from Treasure Planet

Jim Hawkins is up there with John Smith on the list of most swoon-worthy Disney characters. He's quick-witted, rebellious, adventurous, and charming. He may have some rough edges because his dad left him as a kid, but he has a soft heart deep down.

Lloyd from Lloyd in Space

Lloyd Nebulon is the epitome of middle school boy. He battles puberty, girls, and the middle school social hierachy head-on with his group of misfit friends. Relatability level: 100.

Ms. Grotke from Recess

The gang's fourth grade teacher may be a minor character, but there's no one quite like Ms. Grotke. She obviously became of-age in the late sixties, and it shows in her feminist, progressively-forward teaching style. Don't let her sunny disposition lead you astray, though--she's never afraid to tell you like it is. She's also a martial arts boss, so I wouldn't try messing with her.

Terk from Tarzan

What would Tarzan do without his trusty sidekick Terk? She's the perfect source of comic relief and encouragement, even if her daredevil antics occasionally get Tarzan in trouble (such as the time she challenged him to pluck a hair right from the tail of an elephant).

XR from Buzz Lightyear of Star Command

If you don't know who this is, go watch Buzz Lightyear of Star Command. Right now. Anyone would be lucky to have a sidekick like him, even if he's dramatic. It's been years since I've watched this show, but my fondness for XR lives on.

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