• Alyssa Rogan

Throwback Thursday: September 2018

It's getting colder! To celebrate, here's a journal entry I wrote last September about my new job as an admission counselor. I absolutely loved driving all over the place for college fairs, as you'll see. I don't work there anymore, but those few months of travel were bliss.

I can't believe this life God gave me. All this driving, listening to music, staying in hotels, visiting coffee shops, talking with high school kids... is more than I deserve.

I'm thankful that I'm so good at being alone. I'm thankful I enjoy it.

I'm thankful that I'm beyond capable of what I thought I was. I'm thankful that, despite all my mistakes, I'm not beating myself up. God is protecting me from my mind and my ruthless self-criticism.

Imagine if I hadn't taken a chance on this job.

Mom thinks I should be blogging about all these cafes--but would anyone read about it?

Today is chilly, and cloudy, and the leaves are changing, and today is the first day I've worn a sweater for six months.

I've missed this. I've missed my cold hands, and the way my skin feels when I shiver.

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