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Fourteen Things to do in Quarantine

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

If you're not an introvert, you may be losing your mind right now--but don't worry! Introverts such as myself have been training our whole lives for this. Let me tell you about a few ways to beat the Coronavirus blues.

1. Read a book

As a writer, this is obviously my first suggestion. No longer is anyone allowed to say, "But I don't have time to read!"

Yes. You do. So sit your butt down in that chair and open a book.

My suggestion? Something dystopian would be appropriate for our situation. It might even give you perspective about how bad things are now, versus how bad things could actually be.

Or you could read an autobiography. I recently read through all of Carrie Fisher's autobiographies and LOVED them--especially Wishful Drinking. Carrie's a hoot, and it's too bad she's not around anymore. If she were, we'd probably be friends.

2. Commit to a TV series

This is one everyone's probably done already--or already was doing before the quarantine. Following the sci-fi theme, you should totally watch LOST.

If not LOST, why not something educational? Netflix has tons of documentaries to choose from, and nothing will make you feel as productive as learning will. How about one of the CNN docs about the decades?

3. Do nightly family game nights

This is a great way to keep your mind occupied. Shut off the news and break out the game board. A few of my family favorites are: Settlers of Catan, Survive, Seven Wonders, and Glennidog.

4. Try some new recipes

This one's great for singles who can't cook. You might as well try something fancy, since you've got time on your hands. You probably have a zillion recipes saved on Pinterest anyway.

5) Work on a painting/drawing

You should try this even if you don't consider yourself a creative person. Just give it a shot! It may even be therapeutic.

6) Start a vlog, journal, or blog

We're living through something that will be in the history books. Give your great-grandkids something interesting to read about or watch! I"m sure they'll appreciate your epic sense of humor.

7) Schedule coffee dates with friends on Facetime/Zoom

Isolation can be lonely. The best way to boost our spirits? Reminds ourselves that we're not alone.

8) Work out from home on YouTube

Just because gyms aren't open anymore, it doesn't mean you can't stay in shape. I have a blog post about my favorite workout videos that you can read about here.

9) Clean the house

I know this is the least fun suggestion, but at least it will keep you busy (and clean!). If you have hours to do a deep clean, you may as well just get it done. Do you have anything you can get rid of or donate? Decluttering the house sure can be satisfying.

10) Rearrange the house

Building on the last one, why not switch it up? Moving around the furniture and decor may be your only change of scenery for weeks. Get as creative and ridiculous as you want.

11) Learn an instrument

You've had that guitar tucked away in the back of the closet for years. Grab that thing, pull up YouTube, and knock yourself out. With all the hours you have to burn, you may figure it out pretty quickly.

12) Write a novel, short story, poem, or song

Don't worry about it being terrible. Just do it and enjoy yourself. If it's good--cool! You've found a new passion. If it's bad, that's okay, too. Just laugh it off.

13) Choreograph a dance

Pick your favorite song, bust some moves, and memorize it. It can even count toward your workout. If you have no idea where to start, look up some Zumba workouts on Youtube for inspiration. Or just do Zumba.

14) Learn how to sew/knit

This one will require you having fabric, thread, and probably a sewing machine. If you happen to have these things around your house, there are a few beginner-friendly projects you can do. I've enjoyed making coasters and pillow cases, but there are tons of ideas for your perusing on Pinterest.

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