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My Best Fashion Moments from the 1990s

I thought I'd deviate from my typical writing content and do something fun to kick off the week. Those who know me well in real life know that I love the 1990s--the fashion, the music, the movies, the TV shows, the Shawn Hunter haircut. I don't have many memories from this tender time in my life, but I stumbled across some of my photos and couldn't help but admire the way I dressed (er, the way my mom dressed me), so here's a glimpse of '90s Alyssa!

Striking a pose

I may not have the dress anymore, but I swear I'm wearing my hair the exact same way right now--shoulder-length, curly, and half up.

I wonder what I was doing with those scissors . . . .

Sporty Girl

The simple white top really draws our eye to the true show-stealers of this outfit--the pants. They look similar to the nylon material of the 1992 Olympic windbreaker I thrifted a few years ago. I can totally see myself sporting these pants to the gym.

Oh, did I mention that pink and teal is my favorite color combination?

Simple, but chic

Ah ha. Here we are again with the pink-and-teal combination. The little flowers on the sleeves really jazz it up. Also, am I holding those scissors again? Or wait, is that A PEN?! Is this foreshadowing of my future to come?!

(And yes, I'm left-handed)

More nylon, more teal

Ignore the distressed expression on my face--and the condescending glare of my brother. What really catches my eye about this outfit are the shoes. Back then, I had to have my sneakers tied with the exact same tightness. If one was tighter than the other, I'd make my dad untie it and retie it--until, oh no, now the other shoe is too loose.

Similarly, I needed to have the line on my socks exactly lined up with my toes, or I'd throw a fit. Can you blame me, though? Imagine smooshing your hodgepodge socks into your pair of unevenly tied sneakers. Absolutely infuriating.

Long day at the office

Is it just me, or are color-block jackets everywhere now? I was wearing them when it was cool the first time.


If you look close enough, you can make out the faint sprinkle of what looks like cheese puffs on my lips.

As for the outfit, all I can think about is how much I HATED tights. They were tight and itchy and never stayed in place. And God help us all if those little lines on the foot went askew.

Not amused

This is the same dress as before, but I couldn't not include this picture because... well, look at my face. Until I saw this picture, I'd always thought my resting b***h face was something I'd learned in middle school to ward off anybody who crossed me.

Turns out I've been sporting that face since 1998. At least.

Ms. Sassy

Ugh. I haven't worn a good pair of overalls in a very long time--maybe since this picture. I'm obsessed with the baby pink turtle neck (or mock neck?) and the little flowers on the straps and pocket of the overalls.

The real question, though, is how did I get my hair like that? It looks fabulous. Good hair days are far and few between these days. I wish '90s Alyssa would tell me her hair secrets.

Giggle [out]fit

This is still the face I make when I get away with doing something bad...

It's hard to read the print on my shirt, but these look like pajamas, or maybe leisurewear. It's cute and festive and cozy.

Whoop, there it is

What do you think of my [mom's] taste in '90s fashion? Should I do one for the 2000s?

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