• Alyssa Rogan

NaNoWriMo Week Four Check-In: Spoiler Alert, I WON!!

You heard me. I did it. I wrote 50,000 words (50,117, to be exact), in twenty-nine days.

I finished on Saturday evening while I was enjoying Elf with my family. Since this project has required little emotional attention, I was quite surprised to look down at my screen and see I was nine-hundred, two-hundred, ten words away from 50,000. These last few days in particular were days I really hustled, knowing my weekend was going to be jam-packed with responsibilities (I'm looking at you Black Friday; marketing project due on Monday, I see you too).

Look at this chart above. I wrote over three-thousand words on Saturday!? How!? It was one of my most productive days of the month, but as you can see, my word daily word count was pretty sporadic. Those last few days look bonkers. Did I drink too much caffeine or not enough? That's the question.

I only regret that I didn't write every day. I missed only this past Tuesday because I'd had a long day at work and just didn't have it in me to produce anything. Plus, the Bachelorette was on, so.. you know, priorities.

Anyway, the last word I wrote was followed by a big exhale. Finishing this project has freed me up for a more restful Sunday. A peaceful morning cup of coffee. A leisurely walk with my dog (yeah, right). An hour of time lost in a good book. A plate of pizza and chicken wings. A cozy afternoon cheering for the Bills and writing this post.

And, greatest of all, I can go back to my third novel. My third-born child. My1989 (Taylor Swift was my age when she wrote and recorded 1989, so maybe I'll strike it big with this book, too). Until that happens, I'll be drowning in draft two edits. See you, then!

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